Education is the key to success.
I am of the view that each students should be given equal opportunity to education, as it is the avenue to compete in this fast growing society and so a teacher one should provide a print rich environment to aid in students holistic development..
Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession. My decision to teach is due to the fact that my intrinsic desire to make a positive impact on the life of children thorough the world as it give a warm feeling knowing that I play a role in shaping the society .
I believe no two children are the same and so my teaching style gears toward diversity as. It is essential that each student maintain their individuality throughout the learning process, and also that they learn to have respect for all aspects of the community. Moreover, it is important for the students to have developed critical thinking skills so they are able to analyze and interpret the multitude of perspectives and issues that they will come across during the their life.
I trust that the student should be placed at the center of the instructional process. The classroom is a place where the teacher serves as a facilitator and guide as the students construct their own understanding of the world around them. Although it is the teacher’s role to plan lessons and evaluate students’ progress, it is of the utmost importance to always take the children individual needs into consideration. When children are the priority in teaching, an amazing amount of learning can take place. I believe that teaching should create opportunities for students to develop to their fullest potential . In order to accomplish this, there must be a warm , comfortable and print rich environment so as to let students feel comfortable thus more engaged and responsive to class activities.
I understand the importance of using varied instructional strategies to cater to the needs of each individual, so in lesson planning I use up a number of methods and learning materials in order to become and effective teacher. Being a teacher there is no limit to ones experiences / learning and so I am always ready to attend workshops the will builds my knowledge and experience so as to best impart knowledge to the future.
This approach to learning emphasizes the fact that individuals perceive and process information in very different ways. The learning styles theory implies that how much individuals learn has more to do with whether the educational experience is geared toward their particular style of learning than whether or not they are “smart.” In fact, educators should not ask, “Is this student smart?” but rather “How is this student smart?”
My strengths are that I am creative, flexible and caring and as such I try to develop a positive relationship with my both students and parents. The parents are one of the most important stakeholders in any learning institution, building a good relationship with them has proven over the years to develop positive attitude towards learning.