Effective communication in the workplace is very important and vital as it allows the organisation to be more productive and operates efficiency and smoothly as well as increase the employee’s moral, productivity and commitment.
Effective communication improves the performance of work by increasing productivity and as a result the operation will run smoother.
By communicating effectively any misunderstanding can be avoided and our team’s goal and objectives will be smart and clear.
Communication is fundamental key to build trust, as effective communication develops the relationship between the co-workers which result in building trust.
Effective communication improves the employee’s morale especially when they are satisfied with their job, they will be able to perform their duties efficiency.
Also it helps in building high efficient team. When employees are able to trust each other’s, they will be able to work together harmoniously.
As an example of a real workplace communication, we got an AOG situation (aircraft on ground and require maintenance action) with one of our client and the concern staff was under pressure and stress, I conducted a face to face meeting with him to calm him down and briefed him all the necessary action to be done in a clear language which resulted in feeling more confidence and did the job efficiently.