Employee engagement can simply be described as the act of making the employees in the business activities and not showing or looking down upon employees so as to help them show a positive work approach and be able to work very well in the company. An engaged employee, is the kind who can fully be observed by and enthusiastic about their work and takes positive actions to help the organization rise to a very high stage and become reputable. A consultant is someone who leaves all about a company products or services and work with customer to final their interests and make producers know how to fit in the job market, with this the employees must be fully acknowledged at the workplace and also work hand in hand in the organization in order for it to reach its achievable goals. As a consultant at PZ Cussons who are the producers of a lot of household products and knowing how big PZ Cussons is known worldwide. PZ Cussons is a worldwide company with a lot of branches around Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. They produce household products such as Cussons baby, carex, imperial leather, Robb, hair thermacool etc. Its competitors are Unilever and Johnson and Johnson who also deal with household products. Its main customer segments as to produce products and services for daily needs. They operate through two segments that is core and electrical. The core segment takes care of the homecare, personal care and nutrition products whiles the electrical segments provides television sets, home theatres, DVD players, air conditioning etc. Its electrical brand is under Haier thermacool nutrition products under menu and personal care under camel, Cussons baby etc.
As a consultant at PZ Cussons which is a worldwide company that deals with the production of a lot of stuff such as personal stuff as in personal care, homecare etc. It is very advisable to involve employees in the organization in everything. It will help in productivity in the company. This is whereby a lot of goods or services are being provided to the customers to their satisfaction and also be able to help the company to grow rapidly and be able to move with its competitors when this happens and PZ Cussons involves its employees in the organization. It helps them to know the organization values and beliefs. An engaged employee will be able to know its business context and what PZ Cussons is all about this will help the employees to work very hard with their colleagues in order for them to be able to improve upon their work performance within the job for the benefit of PZ Cussons to grow. When employees are fully engaged in their organization they are able to show positive working approach and his direct impact on productivity in the organization. Also when employees are fully engaged with their work it helps in customer satisfaction because the employees have worked together to produce more thereby helping the customer get what is expected and not leave PZ Cussons to another company to be able to get or achieve what is wanted. When PZ Cussons is able to get good and qualified Human Resource manager who is able to operate and work hand in hand with employees without showing interest in the employees and treating all of them equally. Engagement may come about when employees care about doing a good job and care about what the organization is trying to achieve and how it goes about doing it. This usually comes about when they get satisfaction form their Human Resource managers etc. Therefore, PZ Cussons has to align employees well towards strategy enabling employees to have the capability to engage themselves, and learning the sense of engagement. PZ Cussons employers and employees must work to develop and mature engagement which requires a two ways relationship between employer and employees. PZ Cussons as a big company which has to help improve upon the employees’ engagement in the company.
Job Satisfaction: This simply deals with how employees feel in the business or the organization that they find themselves in, it also deals with job condition, how they are being treated by the Human Resource at PZ Cussons their pay and benefits that may get or achieve as members of their great organization. When an employee is satisfied it means they are also engaged. When employees work and are paid reasonable amounts of money that they appreciate and see that this is what they had after their hard work it boost them up for them to willingly work hard.
Job involvement: Involvement or engagement is a force that helps motivate the employee, when an employee is usually involved the employee get more ideas and knows more about the job or production that is to be done. When employees are engaged or involved they work harder, are more loyal and are mostly likely to go the extra mile for the corporation since the employee appreciates that fact of being involved in the job. The more an employee is involved in the job it will help them work hard for PZ Cussons to produce more products and achieve higher goals.