Enrolment is a broad process that involves in many activities and steps specifically admission, registration, evaluation, assessment and payment of tuition fees. It is the act of signing up a student for participation in education be it a public or private institution. Moreover, most students’ related documentation has traditionally been done with paper and pen, meaning that an enormous number of forms and documents need to be tracked and maintained during and after the enrolment process.
With this situation, it affects the consistency and security of students’ record in terms of storing and retrieval of information unless the learning institution have at least a separated room for keeping and storing the student’s related documents. Furthermore, as the population of student grows, it affects the enrolment procedures. The use of traditional enrollment as only method in enrolment makes the procedures more complex. The student consumes times in assessment of grade and filling up the enrollment forms for registration, which are done redundantly, and for the institution’s staff in compiling and keeping the records of the student.