Enzymes are used in several eco-friendly industrial applications, as they are efficient, selective, accelerate and speed up reactions. With the advancement in biotechnology, particularly in the area of molecular biology and protein engineering, enzyme applications were limited not only in the generation of a number of new products but also in the development of the numerous existing processes also. The enzymes are utilized for the industrialization of detergents, drinks, food, textile, starch, animal feed, baking, paper, leather, chemical and biomedical products. The first large-scale application of microbial enzymes in the food industry was the starch degrading enzymes has been reported by Bennett (1998) and Dekker (2003).Two enzymes involved in the conversion of starch into glucose units namely, ?-amylase that cleaves the large ?-1,4-linked polysaccharide into shorter oligosaccharides and glucoamylase that cleaves the oligosaccharides to glucose. Amylases have applications in lot of food, drinks, animal feed,detergents and baking industries has beenstudied by James and Lee (1997).