Equality in the distribution of wealth is one of the fundamental goals of any government to achieve. But in most states of the modern has failed in achieving this instead there has been governmental policies that increase and encourage the wealth distribution inequality. For a very long this has been the global disaster where everybody is complaining about and the evidence showing that the wealth is concentrated in the hand of very few individuals while poverty is killing the larger percentage. The wealth inequality to a greater extent can be blamed on the government of the day. In most cases, it is the government policies that lock out the poor and the lower middle class from gaining a platform to increase their assets. The policies and other causes of wealth inequality are: governmental monetary policies, tax policy, money allocation and distribution by the government, the rates of savings that has been very high hence brings constant asset accumulation by the wealthy, strong and efficient net rate returns assets that are owned by the wealthy, inflation, there has been also lower credit costs and constraints to the wealthy which opens wider profit ranges to the rich, and the decline of unionization