Ethics are fundamental to nursing. All nurses have the duty to treat patients with dignity, while protecting the patient’s rights and privacy. Nurses should be treated to patients equally and fairly for age, ethnicity, citizenship, economic status, disability, and sexual orientation. They also need to be concerned with their religious, language, lifestyle and literacy levels. And also nurses must listen to the patient’s concerns. It is important to create a trust and a mature, interactive environment between patients and health professionals.

The nurses work with themselves and other health professionals. Nursing, colleagues and doctors are very important to provide a good health service. Nurses are advised on the basis of the advice of doctors and use their judgment whenever necessary.
important ethics can listed as below,

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Remain competent in the field and report suspected abuse.
The first principle, nonmaleficence, or do no harm, is directly tied to the nurse’s duty to protect the patient’s safety. Born out of the Hippocratic Oath, this principle dictates that we do not cause injury to our patients.

Have compassion, take positive actions to help others and follow through on the desire to do good

Keep commitments, based on virtue of caring

Respect patients’ wishes even when you do not agree with them.

Principles of totality ; integrity
Consider the entire person when deciding which therapies, medications or procedures a patient should receive

Treat all patients fairly and equally