Event organisers are individuals who are employed to plan and organise events for others like businesses or charities. Their main goal is to host a successful event and meet the targets they were set by the people they are paid by. They will be organising events of different kinds, from business conferences and exhibitions to fundraising events and musical festivals. Depending on who the planner is being hired by the type and size of the event can be different. Running an Event can be a difficult task which can be influenced by a multitude of factors. Whether it’s a small scale or a major event, the process followed to plan and manage the event will directly influence how well any possible issues are managed and ultimately how successful it will be. Event organisers will work with a ide and large amounts of different clients so must have good contacts and relationships. Some organisers work in offices for large events companies while some others way work by freelancing. Organisers are likely to take on a vast range of responsibilities to make sure that the events they organise are the best they can possibly be so they must have good organisational and time management skills