Everyone in society deserves fair and equal rights no matter what gender you are, I Parvana am reaching out to the U.N today to tell how strongly I feel about gender equality and fairness. To this day there is still unfair gender rights in Afghanistan, it is very sad to think that right this moment there is probably many Afghani women or girls being assaulted or being beaten to the ground by the Taliban just for wanting some fresh air and sunlight. Girls and women can’t even leave their homes without wearing a burqa and having a man with them, or even get an education. The Taliban need to be stopped to allow girls to have happy lives and get an education, this will help everyone in the world be able to help restore gender equality and fairness.
I have lived a very hard life in Afghanistan, I was only 11 and was forced in the position to keep my family alive, and to create an income for food and supplies for my family’s survival. My family were so desperate for money, I was forced to cut my hair and change my clothes to appear as a boy just to be able leave the house. I had to dig up people’s graves and sell their bones for money, all because our father got arrested, it was a very stressful life for my family