Eyelashes are very significant part of the face. This plays a very vital role to look your eyes beautiful.
This Post is especially for the ladies who want to make their eyes more prominent with the following tips and tricks. In this post, really want to draw attention toward one important aspect i.e. avoid from the artificial aids like eyelashes curler especially when using remedy plan for eyelashes.
Diet Plan
It is highly recommended that a proper dietary plan is essential. Food is essential for health not only for certain things but it also accelerates the overall condition of the Body. It is important that take well deserve nourishments for your eyes.
Eye Massage
Massage your eyes two times a day. Massage increase blood circulations. Keep doing your eye massage with your fingertips this tip will help to grow your eyelashes thicker.
Use of Oil
Oil is essential in the growth of hair rather it is eyelashes or scalp hair. Here I want to consider olive oil and castor oil. Both oils are very much necessary for hair growth. For the eyelashes use olive or castor oil daily a little message for going to sleep. You would not deny the incredible results.
Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly is a simple solution available in the market such as name called Vaseline. This is also essential certain things in which one is eyelashes health. Use a simple mascara brush to spread on eyelashes before sleeping.
Lemon Crust Oil Lotion
Lemon is a very effective anti-bacterial. It is not only effective in certain things. In fact, it actively works to mitigate the belly fat also. Here I want to tell a perfect remedy which is very helpful in the growth of eyelashes. Take a fresh lemon peel and put it into the oil. There are two effective oils one is Olive Oil and second is Castor Oil. Both of them are effective to use one which is easily available. Put the peel into the oil for 10 days. Grab this lubricant and massage your eyelids by using fingertips smoothly to upward. Replicate the exercise for one month daily before sleeping.
Green Tea
Green Tea is also a medicated tea which is very much effective in fat burning. Use of tea for eyelashes is also considerable. Use cotton with chilled tea and apply to the eyes before sleep.
Trimming is also a helpful process. Cutting the hairs can accelerate the natural stimulation system. Trim the eyelids time-to-time. Consequently, this will increase the blood circulation and will make eyelashes healthier.