Faith is trust and assurance in things we believe. It may be work, person or the god. Having faith gives me strength to do any work which is quite hard to do, and it is the faith that carried me through the tough situations in my life. Faith as value is the essential part of my life because when things were not going as I wanted, it helped me to find out the purpose of my life. There were the situations when I thought, I almost lost my education and career life but there was one person in life which gave me hand and she was my spiritual teacher who was with me there in life’s ups and downs. She taught me how to have faith in life or in any work would lead to better solutions even if things or situations are in your favor or in against as faith guides me in the direction. Everything in life gets easier when we have faith. Faith plays huge role in my life as it helps me make challenging decisions of life or any tough situations. It reduces stress and it’s a pathway of finding solutions of life.

The only thing that brings success is hard work as hard work and success go hand in hand. There is no shortcut for success and this what my parents taught me about it. They always tell me if you want to succeed in life hard work is mandatory, without it no one can achieve his dreams. To be honest I don’t believe in luck as luck never plays significant role getting success, but hard work does. My parents worked hard to be able to buy house and have financial stability in order to complete my education. I would say I got this essential value with the inheritance from my parents. Hard work helps me to be disciplined, responsible and persistent. It is important as it gives me purpose, helps me overcome fear, doubts and gives you a confidence to handle problems on any level. Even great Thomas Edison fail 1000 times before discovery of light bulb, but his hard work amazed the world. Whenever I take any work in had I do it with determination and hard work as it gives me desire results and pleasure upon completion of that work.
Love is what represents kindness, affection and it is another form of dedication and performance. The best method to assess happiness is to comprehend the value of a situation and follow up on it admirably. Love can bring best results within the organization or in the family if you are persistence and consistence. It’s the only value instilled by our mother since childhood and it’s the priceless as without love I have never been inspired to work hardly and efficiently. Love needs no money, it’s a quality of giving and feeling. Whenever i feel down in life it is the love which keeps energetic and happy. As far as I concern love is foundation of life because even animal needs love. Love beats envy, anger, challenges and keeps us focus on our work.

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