First and foremost, obesity occurs in all nations but mostly in Malaysia. In Malaysia obesity is a main issue that can cause death. Obesity also is the illness where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it may have a negative effect on their health. The effect is easy to get but the prevention is difficult to do. Therefore, the obesity illness also has a causes which is drinking too many sugary drinks, eating out a lot and poor diet. There are three impacts of obesity which is exposed to chronic disease, become lazy to join a sport and low self-confidence.
The first effect of obesity is exposed to chronic disease. This is because of the lack of sports. That can cause a strength heart to pump blood decreased and make body get tired easily. The obesity people is six time easy to get heart attack than normal people. For example, the chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney cancer. The chronic illness is difficult to cure and expensive treatment costs. According to Murdock, H, D. (n.d) we should drink a coffee in the morning and a few cup throughout the day. The benefits are lower risk of Parkinson’s, diabetes and heart disease.
Secondly, the obesity people become lazy to join a sports because of their weight and excess fat in their body, so they will prefer to do unhealthy lifestyle like watching television, eating and sleep on their free time. According to Giammattei, etal. (2003), children who spend their time with watching television have a highest percentage of obesity. Without them realise, their unhealthy lifestyle effect is become worse, simply thing we can see is their weight become increase and lastly they will get a deases and finally can causes of death.
Other than that, the effect is low self-confidence. They will get tease because of fatness. Therefore, they do not feel confidence about their self and they also will feel that people always look down. For example, low confidence to speak in front of many people and focus on not making a mistake in their life. According to Silverstone and Salsali (2003), low self-confidence has been shown to be correlated with a number of negative out comes such as depression and less talk. They also feel pressure when their friends tease or look down at them. This can make their self-confidence low and feel like they do not belong in the world.
In a nutshell, obesity can be causes of death but it still can be prevent. Although many campaigns and programs have carried out by government but healthy lifestyle is start from the individual. The obesity people should start from now to concern with their health and lifestyle before being exposed to obesity. In addition, we should exercise at least 3 times a week and the most important is a balance diet and regular exercise. Therefore, we must control the use of cooking oil and do a regular exercise.