First of all, every company has their own strengths to develop in their own company so that they can enhance their strength and become more powerful. The strength in the OLDTOWN White Coffee café is having a well-trained human resources in the company. OLDTOWN White Coffee has provided training and having a recruitment support in certain areas in Ipoh, Malaysia. The manager from each outlet of the OLDTOWN White Coffee is entitled to lead and control the employees which the manager is having experience and knowledge and suitable enough in the area. Then, they are able to discover the right adaptable strategies for the company. Moreover, staff are provided or guided a special training which is the greeting and helping the customers if the customers have any problems in term of ordering. The staff need to understand the order and knowing well the menu so that the staff can easily know what the order that the customer had ordered and reduced the human errors in the orders. The OLDTOWN White Coffee has hired the well-trained workers as their waiters and waitress to serve their customers politely. However, the employees will be leaded by two managers which is playing a vital role so that to help the employees to accomplish their goal and provide a good customer services.