Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis was a very fundamental and knowledgeable book about the revolutionary generation. The book gave inside knowledge of the revolutionary generation that many young and old people probably didn’t know happened or was ever there. This book gave me vision of what really happened during this time that they are not telling us about now. Joseph Ellis reading and understanding about what happed back during this time goes to show what route of action they took in the earlier era.
Joseph Ellis was smart and outgoing when it came to him telling about his knowledge of the history. He wrote this book after writing two other books on John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The viewpoint Joseph had was that he basically already read just about everything about the revolutionary era with a few exceptions of some letters written by George Washington. He pretty much had a whole different book that he didn’t even realize he could write about all the revolutionary era. While he was reading the letter from George Washington he noticed that they kept referring to each other as the “band of brothers”. We know all of them as the founding fathers. They saw themselves as a family or a brotherhood. He decided to put the name fails together and he came up with Founding Brothers.
“They are, from this period, to be considered as actors on a most conspicuous theatre, which seems to be peculiarly designed by providence for the display human greatness and felicity.” George Washington, 7. A lot of the fathers had noticed or seen that the new place or the new nation had a lot of good thing about it.George Washington had thought that expanding more towards the west area would do great things for what’s to come of future times.What he is doing in this is just telling about how the people can get or strive tobe great or strive for greatness. He also says that “if the infant American republic can survive its infancy, it could manage to endure as a coherent national entity long enough to consolidate its natural advantages, it possessed the potential to become a dominant force in the world” 7. which means he had faith in the American government. Another great man said “tell them from ME, at MY request, for God’s sake, to cease these conversations and threatening about a separation of the union. It must hang together as long as it can be made to”. This was said from Alexander Hamilton to the Federalist Party which happened in 1804. There was a delegate that wanted to considered succession. Hamilton had a different idea in mind he wanted to make sure that the union had stayed together. There was a fear shared by all the founding father that the union would separate and fall apart. Those words were Alexander Hamilton’s last ones that he was able to share. The reasoning for this is because he died while he was in a duel. The most important and fascinating thing said in this book was “you and I ought not to die before we have explained ourselves to one another”. John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 223 What I think is the most important thing in the book Founding Brothers was the relationship or friendship between Jefferson and Adams. These were two men that had a connection and that bond because of independence, but that bond broke because of the party concerns that each of them had. Both men Adams and Jefferson were personally into making sure for the success of the union in which they made while they were together. They became friends because the freedom of the nation was more important than their different ways.
In conclusion the book Founding Brothers was a very informing and intellectual book that gave great information about the past and our founding brothers. The book was very good at explaining the way the union was formed and how the founding fathers built this place from the bottom. It was also good in telling the specific quotes the founding fathers used because it helps you picture the events and makes you see them better. I enjoyed the book for all the events it explained in detail for people like me to understand.