From early years, I sought to be on a par with people who were older, stronger and more skilled. I used the opportunity to rise up my aspiration growth to training and my active attitude to life everywhere. That brought me good qualities, including leadership and influence skills.

My leader skills appeared at first when I went in for sports. I revealed my desire and aspiration to work out, so when I was thirteen I started training with the Kazakhstan National underwater swimming team and entered the military sports college of Central Sports Club of the Army. This is where was awarded by the diploma for active-vital positioning in college life.

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I have never been afraid to take part in competitions. I participated in more than hundred conferences and international seminars and have more than eighteen scientific publications. In addition, I participated in two championships on programing at the ACM ICPC Asian sub-regional contest level. Moreover, the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded me twice and invited to Summer Supercomputer academy held at M.V. Lomonosov MSU CMC faculty twice, certified and one as a listener. Besides I have copyright on a mobile application.

As a leader, I am passionate about organization activity. I had a fantastic opportunity to enhance my skills when I learned the Korean language. I initiated to congratulation more than two hundred women in Korean Cultural Center under the Embassy of South Korea in Kazakhstan including employees for women’s day holiday and stablished a team from five students. It was a difficult task with limited human and finance resources. Owing to my influence skills, I got financing and agreement for facilities utilizing from Korean center and we had organized the event successfully.

Furthermore, those skills were assessed through initiation on Data.Algorithms.Programming club challenge organization while I studied at university. There was an issue when club reputation fell down and participants’ number reduced. As a result of my skills to influence, more than hundred students from my University and more fifty pupils from ten schools participated in the challenge initiated by me, club participants count increased and part of pupils entered to study at my university.

From the last performances my influence skills was success presentation at HackDayEvent with a startup project Android application for disease prediction, which I developed as a team leader and presenter. This application will solve important global task to improve lifestyle and safe lives. Tech Garden Innovation Technology Cluster Fund functioning under Samruk-Kazyna became interested in future financing our research project.

To sum up, leaders create chances to change their society and country, influences a group towards the goal achievement to refine life quality. As a young leader, I have good accomplishments, Chevening scholarship will move me forward, I’ll acquire new knowledge, which I bring back to my country to develop quality IT systems for healthcare.

In my opinion, each communication is an opportunity for personal growth. In particular, this was justified by my experience of three year living in Moscow. Because of my father’s work specific, I often had to change study location and lifestyle several times every two-three years from young age. Thus, I know what challenges relocation arises. However, every time I moved I kept increasing my networking connections.

I had a great opportunity to show my networking skills during the International seminar of Trade Policy and Trade Negotiations for civil servants in Central Asia, which was held by Carleton University and University of Central Asia four years ago. The delegations from Canada, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan took part in it. I’m an introvert and I needed to improve my speaking skills, so it was not easy to speak in public and in new environment. Nevertheless, I was prepared well and overcame my unease. As a result, I established a good networking with people attending this event. Moreover, Canadian ex-ambassador in the Central Asia countries who was present at seminar, Mrs.Margaret Skok invited me to study in Canada, but unfortunately I could not accept this offer as I was doing bachelor degree in Kazakhstan. However, I still keep in touch with her and believe that sometimes I can be helpful for her and it would be nice to see her when I’ll be in Canada.

While studying I started training business-networking skills after first bachelorette year. I participated in integration and support of government information system, our team consisted of four people who demonstrated well-coordinated work. Then I had chance to communicate with the General Electric and Computacenter UK team IT leaders. As the result of this communication I changed my job Automated and Geo energy Systems Research and Education Laboratory under Schneider Electric, where I showed all the experience and communicative skills to participate in official reception of the Ambassador of France and Head of Mazhilis committee of Kazakhstan. I made presentations at the international education fair in Astana. Thanks to this job, I came to IT manager in Oil and Gas Branch Company. Present time keep in touch with different English and Kazakhstan companies.

My personal goals and career strategy motivated the strong professional network relevance. As a Chevening awardee I would have a possibility to collaborate with the best Computer and engineering scientists in UK and work on high international level. I plan to cooperate with foreign scholars to present our insights on different cultural prospective integration and learning UK culture with it’s century traditions and history. I want to be a part of the strong network of young leaders from all over the world to bring solutions for world issues. Sharing my dreams and exchanging perspectives with them will broaden my horizon and shape my future goals.

I got programming skills due the bachelor degree, such as design websites, Android mobile applications, databases operations etc. However, if I have enough knowledge and skills I will be capable to complete medical project for the automated diagnosis based on fuzzy, logical and mathematical methods that will allow doctors to determine a diagnosis more precious. Therefore, the main purpose of my applying to the Chevening is to get proper training and qualification in the subject concerned as well as to gain experience in developing and designing of the similar applications.

Based on the above, I have chosen three programs of my preferences:

1. First of all, the University of Glasgow is highly ranked by Guardian University Guide as first in Scotland and second in the UK among Computing Science Schools. The School has membership of the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance. It makes it possible for Chevening awardee be keep networking with scientific-technical society of Scotland and UK, so I could have a chance to work closely with scientific circles and it could then promote my project to its successful completion. I really want to get a master degree as mentioned above, for the reason that the course content covers all importance areas for my project implementation. As an advantage, the University gives an opportunity for students to choice diploma thesis from wide-range of different projects.

2. I have selected Master program at the University of Aberdeen because it’s one of the oldest universities in Scotland with a rich cultural, technical history and experience. The course is highly relevant to my preferences, as it provides studies and research in Data mining & Visualization, Information Extraction and Text Analytics, Semantic Web Engineering and working with Native Languages. As a Chevening awardee, I could apply all the skills acquired from this course in the practical implementation of my project. My overview has shown that this program graduates often work with BigData. This program accords the technical and analytical skills needed for successfully adapt to wide-range of situations in the ever-changing world of computing.

3. I have also chosen Master course at the University of Warwick, because I’m interested in learning how BigData transforms digital processes in our everyday life. I know that every day more companies are looking for specialists who have an understanding of big data, how it can be used, its benefits and limitations.

I have chosen these programs, because I’m impressed by Google Healthcare experience which I learned from the book BigData by Victor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier. There was the Google experience description of fighting with different flu strains via processing BigData of Google Search user’s search queries and collaboration with medical organizations.

I know that I will gain necessary skills to finish research project as result from any of these programs. Moreover, I hope to share my experience, and in the future to contribute to cooperation between UK and Kazakhstan.

All my life I wanted to get a great knowledge and be highly qualified in ICT and Computer Science. However, education in the best UK universities costs a lot of money thereby Chevening scholarship funding will make my dream come true. However, I hope to get opportunity of experiencing at high-level research-active the UK learning environment. For me, it would be an invaluable experience that could help in my future research career. The most important thing for me that the Chevening program can enhance my status, so that I could collaborate with different levels of government and attract more support and attention to my project. I think that the Chevening winners obtain not only financing and an opportunity to get the best professional qualification, but also they have liability for share received knowledge and skills for their countries and future collaboration with UK.

My career plan is divided to two parts: first, sharing experience, knowledge and skills with young citizens of my country, to be more prospective; secondly, to finish my research for the medical information system in collaboration with UK scientists and I believe that Chevening scholarship will help me to achieve this points of my career plan.

By completing Master’s degree in UK I would like to devote myself to my native country in the field of information system development in healthcare and e-government. On top of all, I also wish to get involved in a development quality information system and BigData mining in healthcare to improve life quality for my country citizens.

I strongly believe that taking master degree in United Kingdom would provide me with the best preparation to embark my career afterwards.

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