From the clip that I watched, I learned a lot about who Franz Boas was and what he did for the island. Frank Boas (1858-1942) the founding father of Anthropology and was one of the first American anthropologists. He came to the Canadian Arctic in 1883, to find out more about the interest he enjoyed, the study of anthropology. For him to be able to go to the Canadian Arctic, he took some classes on the language for him to be able to communicate with others. A lady named Agnes Alfred remembers Franz Boas and what Franz and another man, George Hunt, did for the community. If it wasn’t for Franz and George, the Kwakiutl tribe wouldn’t have been able to keep their traditions and customs that came from their ancestors. He taught at New York University and did a research project called the Jessup North Pacific Expedition. This research project was collecting objects, language, the culture, and writing about it. Boas was also interested in the biological side of human physical characteristics of how they looked, size, etc. In the United States, Franz worked for the Immigration Commission and his job was to determine whether people from certain areas of Europe could come into America and if they were racist or not. During the 1900s’, African Americans had a hard time coming to America while Europeans didn’t. Boas strived to help African Americans everywhere to come into

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America and proved that African Americans weren’t racist. Boas figured out that race was awkward there was no way it can be scientifically used.

I would like to know more about from the clip are totem poles and the importance of the language. I want to know how people can create, design the totem poles, and what are their inspirations in creating them. Why are totem poles meaningful to the Indian tribe? How long does it take to design a totem pole? While making a totem pole, are animals the only faces that are carved onto the pole? Can anyone make totem poles even though they’re not from an Indian or Kwakiutl culture? Also, I want to know why the language is important. I understand the language is part of their culture, but why is it important to them? Is it easy or hard to write and speak the language?

This clip connects to the current context that is talked about a lot today in our society. In the clip, it talks about how awkward race was for Franz Boas. Today, racism is one of the biggest issues right now. Racism is people who view and consider themselves to be better than other races. Racism is not ok, and we are divided because of it based on how we look, skin color, and where we come from as individuals. It doesn’t happen in just a place, school, restaurant, or store; it happens everywhere. Racism comes in many different forms; for example: calling mean names, bullying, harassment, physical appearance, etc. To say mean, nasty words to others race groups, they must have learned it from their own culture and home while growing up. This is an everyday situation that goes on in our lives where it leads to violence. For an individual to be

racist to another individual, it hurts them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only does it

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hurt, but it can lead to depression, insecurity, being sad, fear, etc. Violence also happens in protests that happen around the world. People do get hurt at any protest that is going on because they have a lot of anger and tension inside of them and think that violence is ok. Racism needs to stop in our society. We must accept everyone for who they are on physical appearance, race, sexuality, and ourselves.