From the result I have collected from my sister 3 day daily diet and routine I have decided to create a 1 week plan to improve her daily diet as well as her lifestyle. I will improve her diet by adding an equal amount of the different food types to make her diet balanced.
In the diet I will add a lot more fruit and vegetables as they are essential for a healthier lifestyle and are filled with vitamins, I believe this will be beneficial to my sister’s diet as she isn’t very active either.
Adding more protein will provide my sister with more energy and is useful as it helps repairs damaged and builds new muscles etc. This will provide my sister with a better energy form as she usually gets her energy from foods which a full of fat such as McDonalds, this is an unhealthy way of getting energy. This will provide my sister with more strength and will encourage her to be more active instead of staying at home.
Another type of food that I will increase on for her new diet is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will provide nutritional needs of fibre which is useful for my sister as she is still growing.
I will also add more dairy to her diet, dairy will build my sisters strength as it dairy strengthens the bones in the body. This may also encourage her to be more physical.
For the week plan as well as changing my sister’s diet I will encourage her to be more active and add gym and karate as she enjoys doing these activities. I will encourage her to become more active as I her new diet will be filled with more useful energy to encourage and power her through these activities.