Globalisation has conducted a quicker admittance to technology, advanced communication and innovation (Environment,2013). Technology and Media as it links to globalization both follow each other. The great growth of technology is liable for media globalization. The satellites, internet, cable television and digital devices have created a way for an enormous quantity of information to explore the earth within seconds. In transport technology, vehicles have become larger and faster, in addition becoming more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. Communication technology has let people all over the world join with each other through the internet, emails, video calls and chat programs. Transport technology has also improved. Vehicles are becoming faster, safe, cheaper to run and more fuel economical. However, technology makes us vulnerable (Littleusgoneglobal,2015). We become so dependant on technology through online banking, online shopping. People are forgetting how handle cash and do not know which and where to buy a specific item.