Good Afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kristina and today we are here to discuss the issues of major concern, and I hope the issue of mine is not an exception.
What if tomorrow never comes? It might sound exaggerated, however it is actually not. Time is that what we have almost nothing of a true knowledge about. From time immemorial humans have asked the same questions, most of which still remain unanswered. Although we claim that we are superior than other living creatures on the planet, we, in fact, haven’t achieved much in moral, philosophical and spiritual spheres, and our so called superiority is based on the idea of humankind’s intelligence, which is proved by the materialistic accomplishments of a contemporary world. Most of us, humans, have developed truly perverted notions of right and wrong, important and unnecessary. What I mean is that our insatiable beings believe in acquiring contentment via becoming financially well-off rather than living lives to their fullest. It seems nearly impossible to acknowledge that Time is the only currency we should care about. Nevertheless, we spend too much of it on the deeds we regret about later. It’s so natural of a human to feel remorse after wasting another day of life, whether by walking in a sheer boredom or pointlessly lying on a sofa. However, there is something more disturbing in the way we treat our lives. Procrastination is that what we’ve been developing for centuries. Our laziness and ingratitude have already become the integral features of the majority. What is more, we pass all those unfavorable traits from generation to generation and then all of a sudden start wondering about the depravity of the youth. We care too much when it’s not even needed and we can not express our gratitude at the right moment. Too ironic to handle, don’t you think?
Let me go back to the issue I started off with. Tomorrow never comes. How can we possibly interpret this in real life? Basically, the phrase itself suggests that tomorrow is just a notion which we use in order to have that hope for a better future, that unattainable heaven we all would love to find ourselves in one day. Deep inside we all know that the only thing we have is today, not even the 24 hours of a day, but a moment you experience every single second. We do not even remember all of the things happened to us today in the morning, not even speaking about yesterday or a month or couple of years ago. And the reason for that is pretty obvious, I guess, since all of the events would simply outstretch our comprehensive and memorizing capabilities. Although we are not able to keep everything in mind, we still get to have memories after all. These episodes overlap each other forming an immense puzzle which we eventually call the story of our life.