Have you ever wondered why movie characters sometimes put up a certain amount of fingers in front of characters who have had a hard fall to see if they can see how many they are putting up? This is actually to check if the characters who suffered a fall are not dizzy and therefore have not received a concussion, an internal brain injury caused by rapid movement of the head, from the fall. The reason they check this is because concussions are extremely serious brain injuries. In the US, 50,000 people actually die from concussions, showing how serious of a condition it is. This is just one of the serious head injuries that occur. In this essay, the advantages and limitations of how effective science is in preventing head injuries by using helmets, with regards to social and cultural factors will be discussed and evaluated.

Before i describe how effective science is in preventing head injuries by using helmets with regards to social and cultural factors, i would like to generally describe helmets and how they protect humans from head injuries science-wise. So, what is the purpose for helmets? Well, the purpose for helmets is to protect the head from external injuries (trauma to the skin of head/skull) and some internal injuries that are incurred from external injuries. This is good because it can protect you from the mildest of injuries to the most severe. Health injuries it can protect you from are cuts and bruises, which can protect you from infections from cuts and burst capillaries from bruises. Another one it can protect you from is excessive loss of blood from a surface wound on the scalp, which can prevent the inducing of anemia, which is a condition in which your body has a red blood cell or hemoglobin (a protein used to transport oxygen around the body) deficiency and thus can lead to fatigue, pale skin, cold hands and feet, irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. The prevention of loss of blood can also prevent hypovolemic shock, which is when you lose more than 20% of your blood supply making your heart unable to pump an adequate amount of blood to your body (this condition is urgent as it can lead to organ failure and your body shutting down resulting in death if not urgently treated). Lastly, health complications you are protected from by wearing helmets are protection from fracturing of the skull, which causes blood clots in the brain triggering sudden acute headaches, sudden speech or sight impairment and brain injuries (causing bleeding and swelling of the brain) and also breaking of the bone of the skull requiring surgical intervention. From the information provided, you can see that since helmets only protect you from external injuries (and internal injuries that are incurred from the outside), non-contact internal injuries, such as concussions, may very well happen and helmets do not protect your head from all head injuries. (As of this moment, there is no way to protect from concussions whilst doing sports or such, however, newer technology called Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and Angular Impact Mitigation may decrease the possibility of concussions but it is still emerging and therefore unknown to the public.) However, helmets are still useful seeing as they protect from many head injuries so offer good protection.
Lastly, I would like to

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