Agriculture! Many people are involved in this term, the growing of crops and rearing of livestock either to make a profit or for family consumption.

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Well, as you all know, ‘agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’. Personally, I have heard this term since primary school in a subject like social studies.

You see, today, venturing in agriculture has been made easy due to the advanced technology. Many things have become easily accessible to farmers in all sectors.

Below, I will discuss the uses of technology and how it has improved the agricultural sector.

Machines used on farms.
Farmers can now use tractors to cultivate, plant and harvest crops on many acres of land. This machines are quicker than human labour hence reducing the labour cost. They are easy to operate.

Cost can be reduced if an already used tractor is bought. Farmers must make sure that though the tractor is used, it should be in a condition to carry out the required task.

It is advisable to plant and harvest in good time. This enable you as a farmer to have a bulge harvest and earn a huge profit after sale.

Modern transportation.

This enables you as a farmer to deliver products in the market in time from the farms. This make sure that the perishable goods have been delivered on time and consumer expectations have been met. One can transport fertilizers to the farm required by crops.

Consumers in different parts of the world can have a fresh product, the same day as harvested and delivered. This highly profitable and economical to the farmer.

Development of animal feeds.

A solution has been found to the problem for searching for grass for livestock or field grazing type of farming. Today, many farmers have settled on zero grazing because feeds are available.

Today, animal feeds can be manufactured, bought at a fair price that a low income farmer can afford. This feeds have nutrients added to improve the health of the livestock thus the output is so high.

Irrigation of plants.

Due to the advanced technology, plants can be grown with so much ease in deserted areas since there are equipment’s used for irrigation. Example, water pumps used to collect water and water sprinklers thus crops get the required water necessary for germination.
Crops have been genetically produced which are resistance to pests and diseases since the crops germinate faster and healthy. By using this type of crops, the cost of buying pesticides is reduced or no cost is incurred.

Bottom line.

All in all, technology has brought more of the positive impact to the lives of most farmers. Farmers do not have to plant, harvest, transport crops and weed acres of land using human labour because of the advanced technology.

The modern farming technology has improve the production made by farmers. This motivates the farmer plant more of the crops expecting high yields at the end.