“I choose Philippines”

I choose Philippines for this is my country, where I lived and where I born. I am so proud that I lived here for we’ve known or acknowledged as a respectful people, to our older and visitors or tourist. We pleased them in a good way and to what they deserve.

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And one thing that I’m being proud for, is the beautiful views in Davao, Buda, Cagayan, Overview, Lantapan, Bohol, Cebu, Baguio, Ilocos Sur etc. Beaches in Davao, Cagayan, Surigao, Camiguin, Agusan, Ilocos, Cebu, Bohol etc. Swimming pools in Quezon, Maramag, Bagongtaas, Valecia, Davao, Buda etc. Mountains like Musuan Peak etc. There are plenty or lot of, but it’s many to mention.

I choose Philippines for we have so many talents, like singing, dancing, and acting and there’s a lot. Even other country are so proud of us when it comes in to our talents. Especially in boxing as well as our Miss Earth, Miss Universe and a lot’s. They prefer to cheer our country than in their country. It is because they already aware the skill’s that we have when it comes into our talent and knowledge.

Another thing is our mastery in sports like the basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, tennis, badminton, soccer, billiard, as well as ice skating our recently popular sports, etc. We attend any competitions in any country just to show off our mastery in sports. Sports is remaining as a popular aspect of Filipinos, or our Philippine culture. Each Sport team join both local and International tournaments with our each purposes and building ourselves against it’s peers.

We Filipino are also known for our delicacies. Some says that Filipino foods don’t look that appetizing. But once you get past appearance, most people fall in love with it. Filipinos are not just into good food, but the total dining experience, good food is just a part of it.

We the people here, in the Philippines are so thankful to our heavenly father for the beautiful creation of him, for giving each of us a talent and especially the life that we had. It’s more fun in the Philippines, that’s why I choose Philippines. I love the Philippines. This is something that comes as naturally as saying I love my mother. And could very well be the reason we also call it our “motherland.”