I feel like I am a type of writer that compiles many thoughts. As a writer, I have always tried to keep at least one goal in mind to keep my papers as concise and close to my true thoughts as possible. It’s a door for me to relieve my tension and excitement in a healthy way, I have found that a lot of my writing has become reflections of my past experiences and represent who I am as a person. I have always believed that one should write about what they are familiar with and know. I am slowly learning to write in my own voice and to express it in a strong vocabulary. When writing, I frequently question my style and become very concerned with how it sounds to the person reading it. I want to make sure I reach the reader on a intimate level. When I am writing, I keep my morals and values in perspective although many writing assignments challenge my beliefs which help me understand different perspectives. My best works definitely come from topics that I am passionate or interested about, where I put my mind to it and all the thoughts just come pouring out. I think I will constantly be learning a new form of writing through my college years and even after I graduate. Writing, like reading, is a process not a product, and it is a process of constant revision and refinement and maybe just one day I will look back and reflect that I might have had my most outstanding piece of literature in my early days of passion.