I have always keen engaging in the role of exercise and nutrition, and my goal is to pursue my career path in the fitness industry. I am always striving to understand how to properly distribute the load, intensity, and mode of training and how the body responds through physical exercise and the related diet, and how it can be applied to athletes to a higher level, improving their results.
Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Chemistry, I think chemistry is one of the most important form of science, and its crucial form of sport science because everything can be understood or explained on a molecular scale and it can be applied by nutritionists or exercise physiologists. During my academic studies, I have developed literacy skills by writing detailed reports and communication skills such as the ability to work with fellow students. I have also developed data-handling skills and the ability to undertake research and problem-solving skills through examining and interpreting results and making evaluations based on limited information, this has led me to be able to think independently and to show creativity and innovation in my work.
Last summer, I have completed an internship at EnerGaia, who specializes in producing fresh spirulina and algae products. I have been working in Bangkok, Thailand and I worked as an intern in engineering and scientific environment. Throughout my time I have become more knowledgeable about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and environmental issues that world faces nowadays.
I have decided to study at college because college programs are very specialized, and they will prepare me to meet the specific day-to-day demands of chosen field. I will gain important skills in industry-related volunteer and work opportunities which will help me to use networking skills after the completion of program.