I have learned a great deal from this case study. This case study has caused me to examine my teaching practices and to take an in depth look at the students individualized education program and ensure that strategies and interventions used in the classroom will benefit the student and help meet the students educational needs. This assignment has also made me more aware of the students strengths and challenges and how those strengths and challenges impact her school day, in the general education classroom as well as the resource classroom and at home. During my research and literature reviews on causes, characteristics, interventions and strategies for students with learning disabilities I was able to make connections between strengths and challenges that Sarah displays and look at current programming and determine if changes or additional strategies or interventions need to take place in order to make Sarah more successful with meeting her personal goals, the families goals for her and her IEP goals.
Parent, student and other school staff interviews gave me perceptions and information that I did not have before. After completing the student, parent and staff interviews, I feel these interviews are of vital importance in planning for the education of children.