Imagine you are alone in a street and have nowhere to go or anyone to get help from and you are so hungry that every step you take sends excruciating pain throughout your body. There are thousands of people passing by but none bother to pay attention or aid you in any way while you are lying on the cold damp pavement, unaided and completely exhausted. Now, if animals are able to think and feel emotions, which they completely do, then it’s definitely what the numerous stray dogs and cats experience every single day. Now is leaving them to their misery the right thing to do? Or is directly euthanizing them to control population even humane? I believe strongly that it is up to humans and their efforts to protect those in need. I also claim that all humans have an ethical obligation to provide help those who are so dependent on us, to animals deprived of essential care and love.
There are millions of stray animals that are lost or in shelters. Statistics of animals being euthanized or neglected published by official organizations are dreadful. Also unfortunately the populations of strays are rapidly increasing. Currently in the United States, there are about 70 million and the total population of humans is about 323.1 million. Now if each person donates even one dollar a month it would be more than adequate to provide all the necessary items such as beds and food to animal shelters. Moreover this would facilitate animal shelters to bring in more stray dogs and care for them. Most people justify own inaction by seemingly reasonable arguments such as “We cannot help everyone”, “There should be some governmentally regulated system, spontaneous actions are ineffective”, etc. Personally I cannot understand how all those reasons comfort and prevent humans from providing at least elementary help. No doubts, the process of providing aid is much more efficient if being organized and systematized properly. However, it would be enough for one to get interested and to look around in order to notice that nowadays there are numerous nonprofit organizations that could harness one’s willingness to submit a helping hand to make the whole situation better. If being ready and able to help, you can face various options among which you are free to choose. You can make donations to official nonprofit organizations, participate in adoption programs, provide assistance to shelters, etc. – your choice will depend on what resources you own and how serious your intentions are.