In addition, the motivation behind their heroic acts is different between the ancient heroes and modern heroes. According to Homer’s book “The Odysseus” we understand that, Odysseus’s ,the main character’s, quests were completed by him only to benefit him go back to Ithaca, his hometown. Like Odysseus, other classical heroes as well performed their tasks or quests only to profit from them. This reveals their selfish motives. Thus, this inspired people to go out and achieve fame through glorious and heroic deeds. Unlike heroes from the past, today’s heroes have different motivation when acting heroically. Their main goal is to inspire people to help other people and change the world positively. As a consequence, modern heroes hope for social change. This can be illustrated by Sylvia Mendez’s story. She grew up at a time when Hispanics were not allowed to attend schools where white people went. Her family wanted to send her to a white school after they realized that they has better educational system. However, Sylvia was denied from the school and her parents decided to sue the California public school system. After years she was allowed to attend the white school and became the first Hispanic to go to a “Whites Only” school (Joel Foster). Sylvia’s’ parents did not change only their daughter’s life, but the life of many Hispanics who were struggling to get into those schools. They fought against a social injustice and brought change to the whole school system.