In experiment 203, the group was able to know the moment of inertia. The group also compared the actual values for all the methods of the moment of inertia of disk and ring. The group used equation (1) for the Disk & Ring:
I_TOTAL=1/2 M_DISK R^2+1/2 M_RING (?R_1?^2+?R_2?^2) (1)
We used equation (2) for the actual value of the Disk (rotated about the center):
I_DISK=1/2 M_DISK R^2 (2)
The group used equation (3) for the actual value of Ring (rotated about the center):
I_RING=1/2 M_RING (?R_1?^2+?R_2?^2) (3)

For the actual value of Disk (rotated about the diameter), the group used equation (4): I_DISK=1/4 M_DISK R^2 (4)
To find the experimental value for all methods, the following equation (5) was used:
I=(m(g-a) r^2)/a (5)
The equation (6) that was used for the experimental value of ring rotated about the center was:
Equation (7) was used to determine the % difference for all the methods:
% diff=|EV-AV|/((EV+A V)/2)×100% (7)

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