In Jury system, common people from different walks of life will be made as Jurors in the administration of justice.
In common parlance a jury is understood to be a group of people randomly selected to decide whether an accused person in a criminal trial is either guilty or not guilty. A jury trial, or trial by jury, is therefore, a legal proceeding in which a jury makes a decision on findings of fact, which then directs the action of a judge. (1)
In jury system, the Judge will be in-charge of jury and required to give necessary directions to the jury to appraise the facts of the case in relation to the applicable law. On the basis of the verdict of the jury, the Judge is to render his judgment. If the verdict of the jury is not acceptable to the Judge, he may make a reference to the High Court under Indian law with his reasons. The High Court can come to its own conclusion on law applicable to the case.
In K.M.Nanavati V State of Maharastra, the verdict of the trial by jury was set aside as the Court found that the jury came to a wrong conclusion. The Judgment of High Court of Maharastra was found to be correct by the Supreme Court. The verdict of Jury was not accepted as the Courts found that the Sessions Judge gave misdirection to the Jury with regard to applicable criminal law. The Accused K.M.Nanavati took a defense that he went to the place of deceased to enquire his willingness to marry his wife and take care of his children, but, a scuffle broke out and in the confusion, the pistol got off accidentally killing the deceased. The Sessions Judge did not tell the Jury that as K.M.Nanavati raised the contention of accidental killing, having admitted that bullets from his pistol got off and killed the deceased, the burden lies on him under Section 80 of IPC to prove the same. The evidence in the form of examination of witnesses shows that it was not accident. As the jury was not aware about the burden on K.M.Nanavati to prove the accident, the Jury gave a wrong verdict. The verdict of the Jury is therefore due to misdirection.

Apart from that, the Sessions Judge also stated in his reference that no body of individuals would give such a verdict on such facts. The jury also failed to come at a right conclusion as there was misdirection.

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