In Sense and Sensibility, the character Marianne has many characteristics of Romanticism while Elinor has Neoclassical characteristics. Elinor is more focused on following rules and being disciplined while Marianne is doing her own thing and following her heart. They both lose everything all while looking for a husband and they each have their different way of reacting to it.
Elinor is the shy and cautious type. She meets Edward while he was staying with them. They instantly hit it off, but they are both too shy to actually do anything about it for a while. She is very disciplined as she doesn’t chase after Edward because she wants things to happen for a reason.
Marianne is so much different from her sister. She meets John after she falls down a hill and he comes to help her and take her back home. They are also hit it off, but Marianne is not afraid to express her emotions towards him. She follows her heart unlike Elinor who allows fate to do the work.
When both Edward and John leave Elinor and Marianne the react differently. Elinor is very quiet about because of her belief that everything happens for a reason while Marianne fully expresses her emotions with sorrow and pain and tries to understand why John would leave her without any reason even sending him letters asking for explanations.
They both also act different when their brother’s wife comes. Elinor is still quiet about everything trying not to cause any trouble. Marianne, however, makes it clear that she is not wanted.
Both girls each have a different perspective on how they handle things. In the end they both eventually get married. Elinor marries Edward and Marianne marries the Colonel. They both are very happy with who the married. They both had different ways of thinking; thinking with the mind and with the heart.