In the dystopian novel “The Water Wars” written by Cameron Stracher there is
a direct relation between the main plot line and the title of the book. The book
starts off with frightful images that immediately draws the reader’s attention. It
reveals the terrible reality where hundreds of millions of people have died, and
many people will soon become victims of horrible diseases, dehydration and
terrible hunger due to poor hygiene levels and the scarcity of clean drinkable
water. In the book it says that rivers have dried up, the polar caps have
melted and that drinkable clean water is now in the hands of the powerful. In
fact there is a war over clean water.
The whole story is built around a boy with the name Kai who claims to know a
secret that the government was keeping from the people with regards to
water. Kai came out of a relatively rich family where his father was a driller
who drilled for water. Kai then disappeared one night without a trace which
looked like he was kidnaped. His friends Vera and Will then started their
search for him while in the process they got caught a number of times, but
luckily managed to escape. There is a lot of repetition of events where Vera
and will was caught and managed to escape in the book.