in the sociological imagination defines the life of men during the 1950’s in the reign from the past. back from the story of sociological imagination chapter one which was entitled the promise talks about how men is being aware of everything in their life. there comes the trouble, it occurs within the character of an individual and within the range of his immediate relation with others. the person is aware with his relation to others in order to have a peace in society, not only talking to one person but as a whole society by itself. i notice in the first chapter that there is also a thing about the issues. issues have something to do in public relations and in the society as well. so if i were to ask, what’s the matter between the people and the society in the past and present?

To what you see is what you believe, is a very nonsense grammar on my own reference. how can you prove if he or she is right? right or wrong if you didn’t see it. no i won’t believe it. why would i? if i never knew the whole story who blame by who? my point here is what happens in the past doesn’t mean it will become a history. from what i read in the promise, the history, society and the men were really connected in sequence. in a way of reading it, the society really affects the men around and how does the man respond to it. it’s a bitter sweet tempo that makes me think twice if i fathom it right. on what I’ve understand, the public relation and interaction with other people has something to do with the society. imagine how people affects the flow of society and how society affects the people. the people affects the society through culture of it. the things that every people made is considered as a culture

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