In the theoretical perspective of teaching materials’ development, the English Language Teaching (ELT) materials outstandingly acts as the diesel engines of enabling the students to successfully achieve the certain formulated language competence and skills in accordance with the curriculum’s demands, particular groups of students and stakeholders’ needs. On the basis of this theoretical perspective, the development of the Authentic English Language Teaching Materials (AELTMs) for the Second Year Mechanical Engineering (2ndYME) students at Politeknik Negeri Padang (PNP) was, therefore, decisively undertaken by paying attention to the academic and scientific procedures. There were sets of reasons for developing the AELTMs for the 2ndYME students were briefly elucidated as follows.
The first key rationale for developing the AELTMs for the 2ndYME students was as, firstly, the response to the demands of the central government language teaching’s policy which strongly affirms that the Reading and Writing are the skills prioritised to be taught in Higher Education (HE). The policy has been legally passed in the Perpres No. 19 of 2005 on the National Standards of Education. Secondly, another policy relating to the language teaching in HE is the language learning’s achievement. The central government in its Perpres No. 8 of 2012 on the KKNI mandated that the language learning’s achievement comprises of being capable of Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening; possessing the Authentic Vocabulary Knowledge and mastering of the basic rules/forms of Grammar. After the completion of the lecturing processes, the students are expected to be competent to apply their language skills, effectively contribute to their real-life world, and more effectively communicate their ideas in English.