In the video the all four scenes were painted clearly and represented theology and human knowledge. I discovered that Raphael was displaying the fact that the Church was just as important as human knowledge. He separated human knowledge and Church by putting them on opposite sides, but at the same time it was clear that he wanted society to have a clear understanding of them both.
Raphael put Plato and Aristotle in the center of the painting knowing they had a different view on philosophy. Aristotle focused on the physical and Plato was the theoretical. This shows us that it is important for society to understand that there is something besides what is just in front of you. And the greatest philosophers thought the same thang.

On Plato’s side he painted pictures of philosophers who study issues. While on Aristotle side in the lower right he painted philosophers that focused on the practical.

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I feel as though he was trying to communicate that there are all different types of philosophies and society should look at each one of them closely. Brilliant minds were implemented in this painting and they all studied different things, but each is well represented.