In this case, where these individuals are violently killed and caused by a negligent decision on behalf of a corporation then it wouldn’t likely be considered corporate murder unless the corporation was discovered to have conspired with the perpetrators who were possibiy lying-in-wait and staging the act of murdering their own employee’s. In regards to the aggrieved families who suffered this lost then more likely this is considered to be a case of “Wrongful Death” claims which is civil litigation in addition if the corporation was found to have intentionally or negligently placed them in danger I believe there must be a thorough investigation to find the preponderance of facts in the case to have a conspiring motive or negligent elements before concluding if the corporation is in fact guilty of corporate murder instead of the general aspect of corporate liability. Further and in conclusion if this case being grossly negligent then a Reactive Corporate Fault can mostly likely take effect by a court to enforce a corporation to effectively institute proper measures to prevent the future recurrence and potentially facing a criminal prosecution if the corporation fails to exercise the mandate established.