In this era, CSR always created ethical, moral values and as a means for succeeding social ‘sustainability’ for developing long-term value and relationship for both businesses and the society with transparent strategies.
On the other hand believe that CSR is not a sincere role of business (arguing in fact that humane CSR activity is immoral), nevertheless argues that ‘strategic’ CSR is helpful for business and society. CSR strategies are prospects offered by the business growth strategies associated with business goals, principles and CSR values.

Organizations differ substantially depending on their attitude towards the implementation of CSR strategies and on speed in changing ethical behaviour (Piercy, Lane, 2009). Organizations choose precise social responsibility strategy impacts by lowering cost and risk, boosting profit, growing reputation and competitive advantage. It can increase a company’s image and reputation, reveal market opportunities, increase employee loyalty, promote transparency and integrity while instantaneously benefiting society. In other views, CSR is an increased cost or a benefit to the corporate bottom line, and ethical issues regarding the environmental and social contribution are uncertain to measure.

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However, I believe businesses should balance their principle objectives with the expansive interests of the societies of which they are apart.

To fulfil their purpose, social responsibility strategies must be integrated into the overall business strategy.