In today’s Business world security is of utmost importance and access control is important aspect of security measures taken to ensure safe environment. Modern business in today’s era are constantly exposed to threats and danger from theft to even terrorism. It is the responsibility of executives and business owners to ensure the office buildings and headquarters are safe for their inhabitants through implementation of access control systems and safeguard products and records of the business.

Business operate electronically and heavy dependency on technology makes it very crucial to protect sensitive information by implementing Access control systems and different types of access control methods both Physical and information related. Organizations everywhere throughout the country are trying to search for more grounded and complex approaches to guard their customers and employees from intruders. Business security is more than just keeping the intruders out of building premises. It is also about ensuring the internal risks under control.
Access control systems are important for every organization as they provide business managers and owners with extra layer of protection over the buildings and premises. Also user accounts are kept under protection using various types of access control such as Discretionary access control DAC, Identity based access control IBAC, Role Based access control etc.
Access control system
Access control is preventing unauthorized access into buildings and premises and also manage entry to certain locations and areas within the building. According to United States Chamber of commerce, crime has contributed to business failures every year which amounts to 30%. (Bressler, n.d).
Crimes against businesses can be through employees or others which includes fraud, money laundering and theft. Most often than not business leaders concentrate their efforts in safeguarding intruders from accessing the building (physical security), but theft of many forms such as customer or employee thefts needs to be addressed. Cost to the company because of internal crimes Is huge , business executives and managers should beef up security to protect not only people but also products and profits of the company. By limiting the access to certain rooms and areas in the office ,security to both files and people are managed using access control systems.
Access control systems outdated : Frequently all the access control systems have to be checked for their operation and updated constantly to ensure that security is not compromised at any level. To gain physical access to the office, keyless entry keeps certain people from entering. Also has a log who entered and when they exited. More sophisticated password and sign-in mechanisms help in preventing unauthorized access to certain records of the company. (How important is access control to my business security?, n.d)
Computer access control. In computer security systems, access control involves authorization, authentication and audit. Access control always has a subject and object and the system is authorized to grant or deny access to busject based on what object the subject is austhorized to access.Authentication is of several types such as biometric scans,fingerprints,strong passwords and token.Access control systems must ensure to provide authentication,identification and authorization to ensure legitimate users onto the systems.This will prevent business from massive data and cyber security breaches . Quoting the incident that happened in Nov 2014 where the hackers leaked confidential information of Sony Pictures and stole information of employees.(Steinburg,2014).
Video surveillance- These electronic gadgets such as alarms and video surveillance cameras can help business to better improve security. CCTV monitoring can help the business owners to track any suspicious activity anywhere in the premise and alert the legal authorities. Surveillance cameras installed in prime entry points, exist and parking lots can be detrimental in effectively isolating the crime incidents and thus ensuring immense security.
In conclusion, its important to maintain safety,productiviy and security when it boils down to business security for both people and property.All organizations are vulnerable to security breaches and thefts,only solution is installing access control systems that not only saves the company its share from the annual budget but also a sense of security and peace of mind to employees at work can increase productivity and job satisfaction.

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