in today’s classrooms we can use response with the student. First, we can control their behavior by giving them feedback on there performance, encouragement, agree with them, compliments. Student will give high response to the feedback and they will be better, learn new task. For example, teacher should encourage every time student when they answer the question by giving them praise or feedback even if the answer wasn’t correct, progressively teacher should only give prize for the student who give correct answer after more time she will only prize the special answer. Second, negative reinforcement and punishment it’s way to stop the unwanted behavior or the riot in the class room. For example, in negative reinforcement the teacher can take a star or reward from the student to stop the misbehavior, or in punishment she can give them extra activity or take the break time, so they will stop misbehavior. But we should always so the negative reinforcement and if it’s not work we can use punishment.