In “Where I lived and What I lived for”, Henry David Thoreau talks about his views on humanity and the reasons why he believes a simplistic life is better than a cluttered one. Thoreau in his writing, goes in depth about the way we been living in this world, saying “why should we live with such hurry and waste of life?” hinting at the fact that we today are so busy with our day-to-day task in life, that we don’t live life to its fullest. That he believes that living a simpler life, where one can appreciate the everyday life in where they are content is better than being a machine carrying out tasks for artificial possessions to the point where we lose our true objective in living, obtaining peace and happiness. He even goes on saying that the stuff we are so busy with isn’t important, that we can and should tone it down, “Our life is frittered away by detail… Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand.” He advises the idea of how significant life is but how easily it can be dominated by materialistic possession, societal norms, or the want of social acceptance. That we are so caught up in superficial things, things that won’t lead to happiness, but rather more problems. In which he suggests that we should become more conscious of the element of our life, that is bursting with beauty and knowledge.
Based on his thoughts/arguments on society and living a simplistic life vs a cluttered one, I would have to agree with his opinion on it. I agree that in today’s society, many of us are blinded to nature. That we as people strive for obtaining the most wealth, the best of bags, clothes, and objects. However when we grow older we soon come to the realization that what makes them happy in life, isn’t the wealth they earn, their power, or their appearances, but rather it’s the simple things in our daily lives, from a grandson or child to the beauty nature gives us. That it’s not always about materialistic things, but just thing we take for granted on a daily basis. Our life is so short, so why should we slave away when we could live simply but with happiness for that short amount of time we have on earth. What comes down to, is that living a simple life is much more meaningful. Even though it may not be obvious to someone who hasn’t live a long life, I know people who have, who came to realize that life isn’t all about the money, possession they have, but just little things in life. To them, especially their grandson, or child is the world to them, that they are the reason why they are happy and not superficial things, things they been trying to strive for as a kid. Thoreau’s idea isn’t something that happens in a small group of people, but rather it affects many people around the world today.