Influenza Outburst in US for 2018 and History: Flu Map study

This year an unexpected medical phenomenon has occurred in USA that the public health experts are still trying to understand. The flu season which happens usually in February has hit by a storm in early January itself and is being considered the worse outbreak since the 2009 swine flu. According to statistics the infection rate of the H3N2 virus, otherwise known as Aussie flu, is at around eight percent as bad as the swine flu epidemic in 2009. The flu has been suspected to widespread in 48 states with more than 51.4 have been hospitalized out of every 100,000 people in the general population.
The disease took an outbreak due to the circulation of H3N2, an influenza virus is viral in nature and hard to destroy and as per statistic only 30 of cases was only successfully targeted by vaccines. As the number of people affected increases with this type of influenza, considerably more people pass it on which leads to a flu epidemic that’s rapidly spreading. Almost all the states of the country have seemed to be affected with this flu.

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Flu Map for US states
All 50 states, excluding Hawaii, have reported people getting affected with flu. The heat map data produced shows the number of people affected with the flu with red areas is heavily affected as compared to the light ones. The state of Virginia has stated the highest number of cases of around 3 million. Whereas, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Alabama have shown moderate influence of flu. Rest all the states have shown cases arising to 27 thousand.
For Influenza Surveillance, Data being collected from both the U.S. World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Laboratories and National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NREVSS) laboratories for most of seasons. Due to increase in the cases of flu, more and more effected people used to come for testing and thus amount of specimen increases.

Weekly Study of Flu Epidemic
Influenza is very dangerous disease, and something causes death to a personal. It falls generally on comes in fall and winter especially in United State. Throughout the year the flu virus exists but it is high between December and February but can last till April. The effect of influenza is getting decrease last few weeks as per report (Figure 2). For the week ending April ’18 the case of flu slightly decreases, number of persons weekly affected has also been studied since the beginning of the year. The number of people affected rapidly increased by the fifth week and then slowed down by week 25.

Then it increased linearly to week 45, taking a sudden drop at week 46 and then a sudden increase in week 48. Then it slowly crept down. According to medical officials the death toll is supposed to steadily increase in future weeks as the flu activity is still rising. The hospitalization rates have approached the total numbers seen at the end of the flu season.
Throughout all the weeks if we investigate the data of how many people get affected. We see a peak increment in the influenza outbreak during winter. The 2018 has the highest number of flu cases in history. This year’s flu can be disastrous than the outbreaks that have occurred in the past decades causing millions of deaths, the flu outbreak is the highest level of activity recorded since the January.

US Influenza Past History
During 90’s influenza was not taken as a serious disease and often overlooked
by citizen and government. But, slowly the flu virus rises steadily till 2006 but there was a sharp rise in the cases of flu between 2008 and 2010 or one can say it’s an exponential growth in the cases of influenza. During 2017, the number of people effected with the influenza reached to about 35 million which is very high and significant. The linear straight indicates that’s there is constant growth in the number of patients over past decades and it will grow in same rate in future.

Despite of taking measures like vaccination of the flu the rate of increases. The influenza effect is increases over the period and across the United State, however many persons who are affected with the influenza virus will recover from much effects but in some cases it life threating. By end of the 2018, the number of effected people will touch to 45 million and even more.

Flu Effects to Age Groups
During any spread of communicable diseases, almost all the age groups have been affected in the year. Despite of the strong immune system of the healthy person or adult, the person easily gets effected with influenza diseases, from the given figure 4, the institute Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has divided the ages group in four different groups. During current year, 2017-18, around 160 thousand have been affected in the age group 0-4 years. The maximum number of people have been affected in the age group of 25-49. The 50-54 age group have seen 90 thousand cases of flu. And the least number of affected people seem to be affected in the age group above age 65.

Influenza Types in Public Health Lab
There are basically 2 types of flu which can affected the citizen this year. The type A has seen the most number of cases with 15 thousand whereas type B has less than 10 thousand.

Influenza Types in Clinical Lab
There are different types of flu which have been detected in the Public Lab in the season 2017-18, named as A(H1N1), A(H3), A(Subtype), B, B Vic, BYam. The A(H1N1) seems to have affected slightly more than 5 thousand people. The A(H3) has affected the most number of people with 30 thousand cases. The A(Subtype) has not affected a lot with just 1 thousand affected people. Along with it, B and B Vic also haven’t affected much with 3 thousand and 2 thousand cases respectively. The B(Yam) has also affected a lot 10 thousand people.

Flu Vaccination
Now we look into the countries which have implemented flu vaccination. The influenza vaccination rate allots to number of people aged 65 and above who have received an annual influenza vaccination, divided by the total number of people over 65 years of age. This indicator is measured as a percentage of the population aged 65 and older who have received an annual influenza vaccine.
Sources or surveys, depending on the country. We see that the highest number of vaccination rates in Korea having rate above 80 whereas the least in Estonia. The United Kingdom, Denmark, Israel and United States have maintained rates close to 70 percent. EU countries like France, Portugal, Ireland have maintained around 50 percent rate.

Influenza Outbreak: Death Toll
Many people who effected with the influenza will have mild illness and often recover very soon or within 2-3 weeks but sometime the illness become complicated and leads to death. In some cases, if the patient already has some chronic disease the influenza effects will become worst and the patient need immediate attention and admitted to hospital for treatment. But, even after so many preventive measures in some cases the doctor not able to save the life the patient. The insight provided by CDC shows during past consecutive years some deaths reported each year and approximately around 110 people die due the spread of influenza.

During the season of each there is some report of death because of flu, the facts from the CDC shows that’s by gender females have more number of death associated by influenza then the men.

Influenza proved as a serious disease and great threat to people of United State and since it’s a communicable disease it can be spread from one person to another person very easily. Different types of Influenza can easily target all age groups people from children to adult and there is a flu season in which flu patients number high. Every year millions of people gets effected with influenza and in some cases its caused death. All should learn from the past facts and must take preventive measures to prevent from its effects. The best way to prevent the outbreak of the influenza is to create awareness among people about the implications and remedies, flu vaccination program should run across united states especially the states where people are worst affected. As we understand that every year the number flu effected is increasing in a rapid pace, so the government institution CDC should come out a permanent solution to stop the outbreak of Influenza.