Introduction: Apple
“Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OSX, iLife, iWork, and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recently introduced its magical iPad which is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices.” (Farfan, 2017)

Product and services
Apple products include iPhone which is the first smartphone with touch screen capabilities, iPad which was the first tablet release by Apple, Mac which was the first laptop release by Apple, iPod was a way to listen to music, Apple Watch which is a smartwatch release by apple, Apple TV is a way to watch TV, and their software application which includes iPhone OS (iOS), OS X and watchOS operating systems, iCloud, Apple Pay.

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Major macro-environment factors
Social factor: The social factor for Apple is the increase popularity of mobile devices that a person can carry with them anywhere and social media. Apple can take these factor to continue creating products that are mobile and stylists. Also social media can increase the promotional influence on customer to buy Apple products.
Economic factor: The economic stability and the increasing growth of a country is major factor that Apple consider. Apple look for countries that are economically stable to expand their company to so that they can increase their customers. Also the increasing growth of a country is important because Apple can increase their revenue.
Technological factor: Apple major factors in the technology is their technological integration and the “cloud”. Technological integration allow Apple to create product that can connect with each other. Like for example, Apple’s watch and iPhone can connect to each other. Also, Apple can take advantage of the “cloud” by making product that allow their products to connect to the cloud for personal and business use.
Regulatory factor: The government are increasing the privacy regulation on digital technology. This factor threatens Apple because they have to create products that follows the government regulation and they have to make sure their customers’ information is protected.

Computers- Dell
1. Dell brand name: Dell has a strong brand name that correlate with the quality of their products.
2. Dell is the world’s largest pc maker
3. Dell customer’s satisfaction: Dell’s computers are built to order to satisfied customers specifications.
4. Dell’s customer’s service: Dell provides the best customer service before and after the sale.
5. Dell do not sell its products through retail outlets but rather sell their products directly to consumers and enterprises
1. Dell make computer, they don’t manufacture computers.
2. Lack of retail relationships: Dell has a lack of retail relationship that sell their computers.
3. Dell products and components come from various other countries to make their products.

1. Quality of products: Sony has quality products that they sell
2. Brand recognition: Sony has strong brand recognition around the world
3. Innovative products: Sony provides innovative products to their customers.
4. Great after sale service: the after-sale service of Sony is world class. It has gain reputation.

1. Price: Sony price is too high for average people to purchase their products.
2. Diversity: Sony has similar products that competitors have and they don’t stand out from the competition.
3. Promotions: Sony do not advertisements of their products compared to their competitors

Smartphones -Samsung
1. Samsung has a large vast number of products they have
2. Samsung has the largest market share in the mobile phone market.
3. Samsung is one of the most will know brands.
4. Samsung has strong manufacturing and marketing capabilities.
5. Samsung offer their products at a lower price than their competitors.

? Low Profit Margin :Samsung has a low profit margin.
? Diversity: Samsung has too big of product diversity it’s lacking focus on a concentration.
? Dependence: Samsung is heavily dependent on consumer electronics than other companies and manufactures
? Operating System: Samsung’s operating system “Android” is lacking compared to other operating systems

Section II: Current Strategic Profile
Target market
1. “One is the music lovers who are targeted by the Apple iPod and iTunes.” (Bhasin,2018)
2. “Another target the professionals or even teenagers who are targeted for Apple iPhone, Tablets, MacBook and other such gadgets which can be used by anyone, irrespective of age.” (Bhasin,2018)
3. “And third is the crowd which can use their other products and services like Apple TV and Apple IWatch. They also use iBook’s, Apple pay etc.” (Bhasin,2018)
4 P’s
Place-Apple has strict guidelines as to who can sell (distribute) their products (Bhasin, 2018).” This make Apple product exclusive to store that Apple gives authority to sell their products. Thus, that creates an image that Apple is a high-end product. “Because of this exclusivity, Apple has lower distribution costs and can invest in other areas such as product research (Bhasin,2018)”. Apple product are distributing in Apple stores, online Apple store and app store, and authorized retailers such as telecom companies.
Price- Apple uses image pricing also called premium pricing for their products because they want give the image that their product is prestigious to other products that is on the market. The premium pricing attracts middle to upper-class consumers because they can purchase the product rather then lower class and this make the product exclusive to people who has money. That also give Apple products high-end image.
Products- Apple products are creative because Apple use customer research to develop their products. Apple’s core product includes Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple software.
Promotion -Apple promotes their products through commercials and print ads and they focus on how their products differs from competitor’s products. The commercial ads of an Apple product last from when the product is first launched and will run throughout the product’s life. Some typical Apple ads “usually follow the same style using either white backgrounds to contrast the stylish black of their products (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and logo, or an inverse with black backgrounds and white text with a white logo (Dowd, 2016).” Apple ads are usually simple and to the point, and focus on a key feature of their product.

Section III: Proposed Strategic Profile
Apple’s current marketing strategy works because they are the largest brand in technology in terms of revenue and brand ranking. Apple is making products that the consumers want and making innovative products. Their products are making customers/consumers loyal to their products. The consumer knows when Apple release a product it will out do any product that is on the market. If they keep going in an upward direction they cannot be stop by any other company.
Apple can improve their promotion in their Current Strategic Profile. The ads are simple and to the point they need to make memorable ads that people would remember. They can also lower their price so the lower middle class to but their products. So that everybody can buy their products and they can probably increase their revenue.