In this fast pace world of digital world which is based on sophisticated instruments like computer, telecommunication instruments, satellite has revolutionized the human life being. the effective use of IT in environmental pollution control and prevention has been proved to be most cost effective and reliable. A pollution cloud provides all necessary tools and analysis technologies on a demand to all whenever a particular nation or a human desires.

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The Greenhouse effect is a natural undesirable phenomenon which causes unusual heating of earth’s surface and earth’s atmosphere. It is due to certain atmospheric gases like water vapor, CO2, methane, SO2 which are highly capable of absorbing the long wave radiations which are emitted from the earth’s surface. This causes greenhouse effect and without this effect life is nearly impossible on this earth as the average temperature on earth is nearly cool and chilly as -18 degree Celsius, rather than the present temperature that is 15 degree Celsius.

Global warming is caused when the earth’s surface heats up or the temperature rises rapidly from the average temperature. Now the phenomenon of global warming arises when greenhouse gases like CO2, NO, SO2, water vapor, and methane trap the light and heat energy from the sun in earth’s atmosphere, which highly rises the temperature. This causes a negative impact on human beings, animals and plants. This can even causes death in plants, animals and human being.

Pollution is the introduction of waste materials into this atmosphere making it unfit and impossible to bear and sustain life on earth. water pollution is all about introduction of toxic chemical, physical and biological wastes and matter into large water bodies such that it ruins the natural quality of life that sustains in it and feeds and consumes it.

Now a days Water pollution has become a major source of diseases in the world like the stats tell us that about 80% of diseases and 50% of child deaths are due to the consumption of contaminated water which was according to the reports oh WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Now Air pollution arises when a lot of chemicals or other harmful substances are added into the air in very high concentration which is harmful for animals, plants, humans, vegetation and materials. This has led to the massive destruction of the most protective shield of earth that is the ozone layer which is most essential to control the climate change.

Today in this modern era, Radioactive pollution creates severe health problems by the use of electronic products and appliances like TV, radio stations, microwave transmitters, radar satellites and mobile communication. This highly effects humans by causing cardiovascular problems, leukemia, insomnia and women’s menstrual disorder. This radioactive pollution is due to improper dumping of nuclear power plant wastes, uranium mining, laser rays etc. This pollution effects people by causing them ulcer, cancer of skin ,lungs, bone , cough, swelling and pain in bone joints and eye sight problems and many more.
Now soil pollution is completely due to industrialization and urbanization from the last few centuries and it causes high great health hazards to human beings and other life forms which needs to be solved crucially.


The most emerging fields in engineering is Information Technology. The biggest domains where cyber infrastructure has a wide impact factor is the pollution control systems such as designing effective pollution control systems for handling industrial waste management. In technical pollution control systems information processing, knowledge introspections and filtering are some of the great aspects which has to be designed properly with very good multi-agent systems which can be used in smart monitoring simulators and intelligent systems to do or to perform few tasks like alarming systems and data filtering. Now there are many agent based systems which has some agents who react to events, interact, define strategies and participate in the various activities of the system. Internet is giving a huge platform to this busting agent based systems and its use.


Every country imposes strict rules for the pollution prevention and control but as the cost of treating and controlling pollutants whether they are solid, liquid and in gaseous state is very expensive and is also a non profitable investment. Apart from this investment , they have to invest on manpower and machinery. This has led to extremely difficult situation. Although treatment and prevention of waste can be more mesmerizing by converting the waste or rather we can say pollutants into some very useful products such that the waste will cease out to exist. Technologically this method is limiting due to the variation in source and nature of different pollutants.

Fig-1 Pollution control system

Fig-2 Environmental pollution control wide system
When environmental rules and regulations are being enforced then there is a huge debate over the exact and actual cost of the control equipments and their positive results to the environment and society. That’s why the actual cost of these equipments and the technology has to be carefully evaluated so that we can have a crystal clear and very precise picture of the various advantages to the environment and to check whether it is economically viable or not.

Technology has mainly transferred the affordability and economics of the better prevention and treatment technologies which calls for a great collaboration and a huge understanding between environmental and industrial consultancy. This completely based on the basis of technology sharing and on a prepaid basis. This will definitely bring all the environmentalists, socialists and industrialists on a common platform as pollution control and it’s abatement has now been a serious global issue. This collaboration has to be somehow in the way that the economic interests of industries, specialists and environmentalists are properly harnessed. This may require an extraordinary thinking which without any doubt will require a wide humanitarian and global perspective.