The industrial revolution is the name given to the large amount of changes that took place with technology, farming, manufacturing, transportation and mining from the 18th century through to the middle of the 19th century. Before the Industrial revolution, manufacturing was mostly done in people’s homes, using the hand tools and basic machinery. Industrialization marked a shift to powered, special-purpose machines, factories and mass production. These changes had a significant impact on people’s employment, lifestyle and health.

A major aspect that made the industrial revolution better, was employment. The emergence of factories and the invention of different forms of machinery had a major influence in the workplace. Machines were able to produce products a lot quicker than before. This resulted in things becoming cheaper to buy which left people with more money to spend on leisure activities not just items to survive. Child labor was a lot common. It was cheaper to hire children as they worked for a low amount of money or none.

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Lifestyle during the Industrial Revolution was another characteristic. Lifestyle for the rich, middle class and the poor were completely different from one another. A boy that lived in a rich house hold would have nannies and would go to a public school. A girl that lived in a rich household would either have schooling at home or attend boarding school. By the end of the 19th century a small number of girls went to university. The youngest boy in the family would be sent to join the army. Housing for the rich were large with multiple rooms and servants, surrounded by massive gardens. Many of the middle class wanted to join the wealthy class. Middle class boys would go to grammar school or either a second rank public school. This was where games and sports were played and Latin, Greek and ancient history was studied. Girl had to attend school, but also had to learn on how to run a home and getting a husband. The middle-class men worked for bankers and rich layers for a living. Homes for the middle-class were located in the suburbs. The terra ed house were large but not as large as the high-class population. The owners of the homes had a servant as well. Housing for the poor was terrible. The poor lived in small houses on cramped streets.

During the Industrial Revolution public health was also another large aspect. As the population grew the health problems got bigger. Because of the chronic lack of hygiene and the minimal knowledge about sanitary care, diseases easily spread. A disease called Cholera also known as “King Cholera” was a disease that people feared. It was infectious and characterized by diarrhea, vomiting and cramps that were severe. This disease was caused from drinking water that was contaminated from the sewage. Due to all the plagues and many other diseases many members of the public were killed regularly.