This article, written by two highly respected university professors, effectively discusses the Psychological consequences of IVF fertilization on couples trying to have a child. A systematic review of the impact of psychological issue on the functioning of individuals, couples and families were performed.

Ebsco, Science Direct and Psyc-ARTICLES databases were searched using the keywords: IVF fertilization, IVF psychology, infertility, and IVF consequences, using published peer reviewed articles from 2006 onwards. Studies in the English and Polish languages, peer reviewed and investigating general IVF and infertility psychological issues were included. The authors collected the data between June 2015-January 2016.
Short description of the case.
It was found in the studies that partners going through IVF may not have enough support from their close family and friends. Due to this unsupportive social interaction, it affects the well-being of couples and thereby causes hindrance in conception. This is one of the reasons for attrition from In-Vitro Fertilisation, even though it is the most effective assisted reproduction method.

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Studies must be carried out on the effect of supportive social interactions for the functioning of couples undergoing IVF. The role of psycho-education for couples undergoing IVF, and psychologists, therapists and medical personnel engaged in the issue of IVF treatment, may also be important and fruitful in future opportunities. Information associated with the psychological health of IVF couples will be beneficial to the process undertaken with IVF and will in-turn increase the efficacy of the IVF treatment.