Issues identified with crime are regularly talked about in our society and but victimology is such are on which no adequate consideration was given before few decades, now it needs significantly more consideration. The criminal justice set up in India is outlined in such a way, to the point that much consideration is being paid to the crime and the personal conduct and behavior the culprit but yet scarcely draw any notice is given to the victims of crime. In criminal justice system of India efforts are in effect just to understand the identity and social, political and different other factors which contributed towards his criminal conduct however no consideration is being paid to the victims of crime and till today they appear to be the overlooked person in this entire picture.
It was typically seen in ancient times that victims suffer injustice silently and once it exceeds all limits they began to take the law into their own hands and get revenge on the wrongdoers. The modern approach to victimology believer that victims have equal right of justice and that they ought to be adequately compensated and restored and therefore the compensation should be responsibility of State rather than the offender.