It’s the first affront. It needs no presentation, no tailing; it fills in as an independent slur for pretty much any situation. Regardless of whether somebody shakes you on the metro, thumps you at poker, or makes you extremely upset, all you require is single word: bitch.

Or if nothing else that is the means by which it used to be. Considering somebody a bitch used to be quite direct, however today—after numerous adjustments, reevaluations, and endeavors to recover the word—it’s not absolutely clear what “bitch” truly implies any longer. There are awful bitches and essential bitches; rich bitches and ratchet bitches; even flawless bitches, as Kanye West once broadly depicted Kim Kardashian. You can bitch-slap somebody, wear a resting bitch confront, or simply label the word onto the finish of a sentence, as in, “I’m in Miami, bitch!” When “bitching” is utilized as a verb, it intends to grumble; when it’s utilized as a descriptor, it intends to be cool. To be “somebody’s bitch” can mean either to be possessed by that individual or to be his or her BFF—except if you’re somebody’s “jail bitch,” which dependably implies the previous.

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