Jacob Smithers
Mrs. Thompson
English Grade 8
31 May 2018
Cris is o n I n dia n I sla n d
10 bodies were found an island outside of Devon's coast. The ten casualties  
were identified as Anthony Marston, Mrs. Ethel Rogers, Edward Macarthur, Mr.  
Thomas Rogers, Emily Brent, Justice Wargrave, Dr. Armstrong, William Blore, Philip  
Lombard and Vera Claythorne. This article will tell who did it, why they did it, when they  
did it, and how they did it. This is just a suspicion. The murderer is Justice Wargrave.  
He murdered every guest there except for Lombard and Claythorne. Plus, he faked his  
own death, making the alove guests think he’s dead and not the murderer. First with  
Anthony Marston. When they were talking about the gramophone, Wargrave had put  
the potassium cyanide in his drink, causing him to collapse and die. Next, Mrs. Rogers.  
When Mr. Rogers came in to give her some brandy, Wargrave put poison into Ethel’s  
drink while the gramophone situation. The next one is Macarthur. Wargrave made sure  
he wasn’t caught leaving and not letting Macarthur hear him. Mr. Rogers was the next  
casualty. He was chopping wood for the fire and Wargrave came up behind him and  
chopped him in the neck region. The next murder was Miss Emily Brent. Wargrave  
slipped more poison into her coffee. Emily was in the dining room unconscious and  
syringed her with cyanide. He told Vera to get her in the dining room, finding her blue  
faced. Here’s where it gets tricky. He actually plans something with Dr. Armstrong to  

fake his death with a fake shot to the head. He set a piece of seaweed in Vera’s  
bedroom to make everyone distracted to her and setup his death. Plus, no one heard  
the gunshot. I believe that Wargrave killed Dr. Armstrong. Blore hears someone walking  
about in or near the house. Blore tries to get Armstrong, but is not in his room. They  
think Armstrong went outside. Wargrave is talking to Armstrong outside and betrays  
him. He pushes the doctor off the cliff to his death. Blore, Lombard, and Vera are left.  
They go outside to investigate and stay out there for a period of time. Blore then  
decides to get food from the house. Wargrave has a marble rock and kills him throwing  
it from above.Vera and Lombard find Blore dead with the rock beside. Vera and  
Lombard go to the cliff and see Armstrong in the water dead. Vera secretly  
pickpockets Lombards revolver from him. She thinks hes the killer and shoots him.  
Wargrave see this from his room, and prepares the noose. Vera hangs herself and  
Wargrave has had everyone on the island killed but him. He then goes to his bed and  
shoots himself, leaving every guest on the island dead. This is my suspicion only.  
These are my opinions and this is my most realistic story of the scene. Who knows,  
maybe no one will ever know.  
Jacob Smithers, Head Detective of the Devon Inquire  

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