Jessica Liu
Ms. Caswell
English 12 Enriched
12 June 2018
Enough is Enough:
The Causes and Effects of Florida School Shooting to U.S. society.
School shootings happened rapidly in 2018. 16 cases of shooting that caused injury have been reported so far. More and more people started to confuse about what are the factors that urged the shootings to occur and how the increasing shootings would influence the society.
In early this year, a breaking news shook American society as well as to the whole world.The Florida high school massacre has become the most serious school shooting in 21 century and in American history. It brings not only heavy impact to schools and families, but also drastic discussion regards to high school education and gun safety. Based on massive research, this school shooting is a result of educational failure and employment rate change, which has a severe effect on the next generation and Gun control policy.

The shooting occurred in the afternoon of February 14, 2018, around 2 p.m. The gunman, Nikolas Cruz, started his shooting at the Three-stories Building which is located in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida. He initially started firing from the outside of the high school, and touched off the fire alarm. Several students state that they heard the alarm before the gunfire, so they considered the alarm as a common fire drill until they heard things crashing besides them. This school shooting caused 17 dead and at least 15 wounded, including both students and adults. At least three people died outside the school, 12 were dead inside the school and two died on their way to the hospital because of their serious injuries. 17 people have been killed in total, and it is the deadliest high school shooting exist in this century. Upon verification, 19 year-old Nikolas Cruz is the school shooter of this incident. He had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was failed to graduate. Cruz carried an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle in his backpack with plenty of magazines for covering.

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Since high school shooting is not just mass shooting that caused by extreme expression and the abuse of guns, it relates more to teenage education when students were the killers to most of school shooting cases. Education and students’ school life has become the most significant factor that would result in these incidents. One of the factor is school bullying. The situation of bullying in United States’ high schools turn out to become more and more serious when the whole society is developing. In a 2017 research, it lists that there are about 30% of students from Grade 9-12 committed that they have put bully into actions. In all types of bully, physical abuse occupied a relatively high rate. Pushing and shoving is approximately 32.4%, moreover, hitting, sloping, and kicking is around 29.2%. Moreover, the damage of peers’ reputation that caused by violent threats and verbal bully is more likely to result to revenge. Based on that research, 20% of American students from grade 9 to 12 admitted that they have been bullied in schools, and there are over 70.6% students that have witnessed other students being bullied. (School Bullying Statistics). Increasing numbers of students, not only bullies, but also victims who are suffering from bully considered to carry concealed guns or arming themselves in school. (Facts About Bullying 20, 21,22,25) According to the Florida school rampage, Nikolas Cruz is identified as a typical bully in his school. A math teacher called Jill Gard, from the Marjory Stoneman High School answered the journalist that “Cruz had been aggressive towards students in the past” (USA Today). His violent behavior and language is well known in his school by teachers and students. His former classmate Jillian Davis indicates that Cruz had bad temper, and usually make violent, dark jokes. Also, there are more than one teacher state that Cruz had been considered as a potential risk to school, and the administrations banned him from going to campus with backpack. “Finding out it was him makes a lot more sense” Davis said after Cruz had been arrested. (Florida High School Shooting: Here’s what we know). Teenagers who have propensity of violence would much more likely to show poor self-control in solving conflicts, which could cause greater damage to school and the society. Even though the dramatic increase of school bullying has eventually lost the public’s attention, it is still an dangerous time bomb for school shooting in the future.

In order to reduce these tragedies from happening, teachers and schools have to take responsibilities to students’ mental health, which tightly relates to the increasing school bullying. Mental problems appear to both the bullies and victims. For bullies like Nikolas Cruz, they usually have a certain degree of discrimination to religions and races with strong emotional fluctuation. Before the Florida school shooting happened, a caller exposed that Cruz’s Instagram contains lots of terroristic, and gun-related pictures and speeches. (Nikolas Cruz: 5 Facts you need to know).

The Florida high school shooting has physically and psychologically create great wounds to students in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A 17-year-old student from this high school, Rebecca Bogart recalled that “as she walked down the hall, she saw students covered in blood” (Hayes and Bohatch, par.19). Meanwhile, frequent school shootings in United States brings assignable consequences to the next generation as well as to the proceed of gun control. The direct result is that lots of innocent people died for nothing, especially for young students. In the first half of the year in 2018, there has been more than 30 people killed by high school gun violence, with over 85 injuries (Imogen Groome, par.7-14). These senseless deaths are not only a heavy hit to each family, but also create over-stressful atmosphere to other students. Besides the direct physical effect, Mentally injury spread more widely and contains long-term influence to teenagers. Based on a investigation, the average English and Math grades in high schools that experienced school shootings dropped and lasted for several years (Figure 1 ; 2).
(Figure 1, the effect of shootings on English proficiency rate.)
Source: Information was extracted from each school’s report card and from data files posted by each state’s Department of Education.
(Figure 2. The effect of shootings on math proficiency rate.)
Source: Information was extracted from each school’s report card and from data files posted by each state’s Department of Education.

The declining of grades have caused turbulence to students mental status, which is hard for them to perform well at schools.