John Rawls pointed out that justice is “the first virtue of the social system” (Rawls, 1971). He proposed a concept that he believes to be the initial position, giving people the opportunity to determine the principles of justice from the “veil of ignorance.” This original situation is a hypothetical situation where no one has an advantage over another. Behind this veil, everyone is designated as a rational, free, and morally equal person in society. They do not know anything about themselves, their talents, or their place in the society they live in. According to Rawls, the veil of ignorance is hidden behind people in their original state. They will adopt the principle of supervising the distribution of rights and duties and regulate the distribution of social and economic advantages. His principle of difference allows for inequality in the distribution of goods when national inequality is favorable to the least affluent members of society.

Hobbes believes that due to equality between men, there is always a struggle in the natural state. This situation may be an obstacle to living in a good society because people need absolute power to stop them. Therefore, the only way is to accept the restraint of a sovereign. For Hobbes, sovereignty is absolute power and unlimited power.

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I think John Rawls’ theory is more conducive to social stability. Because too high a gap between rich and poor can cause social unrest. I believe that one’s assessment of a person should not be excessively dependent on his wealth or social status. Everyone has equal dignity and should be treated equally.