Junk food is very unhealthy.
To start with, junk food is highly unhealthy and can cause kids from healthy and fit to obese and lazy. Eating too much junk food could cause decreases in brain function. Junk food can also cause the risk of diabetes. Diabetes are becoming more common and consuming too much junk food can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Banning Junk food from schools can decrease the frequency of a heart disease, diabetes or premature death.
Childhood Obesity levels are rising.
Secondly, obesity is a growing problem that we should take seriously. 27% of children obese are more likely to become obese adults, therefore Banning junk food from school would be the PERFECT idea to decrease childhood obesity. Many junk food in schools such as “Coca Cola” has 39 grams (sugars), that’s 9 teaspoons of sugar! It is important to fight obesity because it can lead to major heart problems, type 2 diabetes or premature death.
Junk food will always be cheaper than healthy food,therefore junk food should be banned from schools.
In adittion,